Machine Learning

Machine learning is a dynamic data science field in which specific algorithms teach a program how to recognize patterns in data. Once a program learns a pattern, it can then be told to make predictions on future information or to analyze existing information.

Data Chefs wants to make machine learning easier to learn by providing opportunities for valuable, hands-on experience via group competitions, hackathon nights and individual projects. Because we want you to have the best chance for success, we will connect you with several machine learning industry experts who will serve as your coaches throughout this project.

Part of this practical application of machine learning will involve individuals and teams documenting their projects in a user-friendly manner, so that we build a library of machine learning teaching tools as a result of our work.

Furthermore, we aim to help improve existing open source machine learning tools scikit-learn (python) and to build our own python libraries to make machine learning more accessible.

Click here to join this project.

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