Data Visualization

Data visualization is the art & science of visualizing data. Most people who hear the term think of simply plugging a table of data into Excel or Tableau to produce polished, stock graphs; however, data visualization can be much more than that.

Anyone who wants to go beyond the limitations of standard tools will have to learn how to do a bit of coding. Data Chefs will provide the framework to make learning how to code for data visualization a smooth—and dare we say, fun—process.

When you join this project, you will help to build more flexible data visualization tools that balance visuals, text, and code.  Part of this process will involve working to help improve established, innovative visualization libraries such as bokeh (python/pandas) and D3 (JavaScript).

You will gain data visualization knowledge by learning best practices for visualizing information broadly, and for graphing specific types of information. Furthermore, you will apply your data visualization skills in the real world as part of community projects.

One of the greatest benefits of joining this project is that it will allow you to tap in to a thriving community of data visualization experts. You will have the opportunity to be coached by those who do this for a living. In turn, you will be able to to share your knowledge with people who are eager to learn.

Click here to join this project as a learner or a teacher.

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