Create a continuum of tools

There is no shortage of tools with the goal of teaching others how to use and analyze data. Many of these tools help users do one particular thing. If that’s all you want to do, no problem. But if you want to do something that’s a little more complex? You want to delve a little deeper? Good luck! Take three steps off that path and you have to learn Excel Visual Basic or become a “programmer.”

Data Chefs is different: we want to create a series of tools that make it easier for new users to operate at a more expert level without getting lost in the crud (e.g., the math behind stats, the weird names). For instance, we guide users to create data visualizations that follow best usability practices, using the most powerful analysis tools with real sophistication, all the while making sure that people who aren’t already experts can understand. However, we also want to build tools to help users who are experienced continue to learn and grow.

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