Why We Still Need to Worry About Diversity in Tech: the Sexist Idiot Edition

Sarah Drasner is an expert in the arcane, super geeky world of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) animation — basically one of the main ways to do  really cool interactive work, like data viz, on the web.  Parts of SVG animation can be mind-numbingly painful enough that it can make daytime drinking under your desk seem like a very reasonable response.  Drasner’s book, SVG Animation, which was published by O’Reilly, is hands down the best book on this subject.  And yet in 2017, she still has to put up with crap like this:

After my talk:

Guy: so who coded your demos?

Me: I did

G: so you used a GUI?

M: no I coded it

G: you code?

M: yes

G: no, like actual code

And as she tweets, this wasn’t a one off:

It’s like, every day now. Just cut it out.

please stop, this shit is exhausting

In case anyone is having trouble wrapping their head around why diversity in tech matters, this is why:  so there are enough women in tech that no guy would dare do this.

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